• Darren Gosal Faculty of Medicine, Atmajaya University, North Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Yohanes Firmansyah Tarumanagara University


Psychosomatic Questionnaire; Covid-19; validity test; reliability test


Backgorund: The majority of research on the coronavirus pandemic has focused on the clinical manifestations of the COVID-19 infection. However, other facets of the pandemic's health, most notably the psychosomatic, receive less attention. The purpose of this study was to assess the validity and reliability of a psychosomatic questionnaire developed specifically for screening psychosomatic symptoms during the Covid-19 era.

Method and Material: The present study is a cross-sectional study designed to establish a baseline for future research. The data collection instrument for this study is an online survey powered by Google Forms. The population of this study is entirely composed of productive groups. The variables in this study were a Likert scale-based psychosomatic symptom questionnaire and laboratory test results indicating the presence or absence of Covid-19. Prior to conducting sensitivity, specificity, and external validation tests on a questionnaire, it is necessary to ascertain its feasibility for use. The internal validity test is analyzed using the Pearson Product Moment method, with valid questions defined as those with a correlation coefficient rho (r) greater than 0.3. When the Cronbach coefficient is less than 0.6, the reliability test is analyzed using the Cronbach test method. This is a pilot study that will be followed by the next phase of research.

Results: 37 respondents met the inclusion criteria. The Pearson Product Moment or Pearson Correlation tests revealed that the rho (r) value for all questions was greater than 0.3. The Cronbach's alpha value for reliability is 0.940.

Finally, The Psychosomatic Questionnaire developed during the Covid-19 era established its validity and reliability. External validation is necessary for improved validation.



29-08-2021 — Updated on 29-08-2021


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